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(A Place of Our Own)

FICTION . 88 min . Hindi . 2022 . INDIA

After sudden eviction by their prejudiced landlord, Laila and Roshni, must put their wits together to find a home and reclaim their place in society.


Laila is torn between being true to herself and preserving links with the family she was born into. Meanwhile, Roshni treads a fine line between concealing her identity and living the life that she wants but it is not without its dangers. They have a friend in Sharukh but many of their other interactions don’t turn out as expected. As the search for a home continues, it transcends physical spaces & biological bonds. New friendships blossom and help comes from unexpected quarters.



Directed by a collective, the film is the product of a common shared vision. The narrative locates cinema not just within the life experiences of the makers but of the audience too.


A Place of Own Own, has many first time, non professional actors playing characters close to their lives, shaping the story and bringing in an authenticity that blends fiction and reality. Shot entirely on location, through a trans-queer lens, the film offers an uplifting, authentic inside gaze.

The film is set in the city of Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh, India) and offers a glimpse into the lives of the transgender community in the city. While it is a slice of reality shot and made in a realistic style, it is also a story that is being told, an artistic expression of people who are the subjects of the film as well as the tellers of their own story as actors, co writers and the cast and crew that comprise the film making process.





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