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 FICTION . 40 min . Hindi, Malayalam, Gondi, English . 2020 . INDIA

After a cultural event in town, a group of attendees find themselves in a canteen near a railway station, but their day takes an unexpected and unpredictable turn.

A normal day and familiar conversations. After a cultural event in town the participants are relaxing, catching up and hanging out at a canteen near the railway station. On different tables, we meet different people; some between arguments, others meeting and parting and a few introductions. Each person here is affected by the world in many ways and is in turn affecting the world around them. As the natural rhythm of the day progresses, they discover it’s not such a normal day after all.


Hotel Raahgir emerged from a script writing workshop with people interested in making cinema and making it collaboratively.

This short film is an amalgamation of various stories, incidents and characters written and developed during this workshop and works as a comment and a reflection of contemporary times. Ektara Collective followed this exercise with another set of workshops related to different aspects of filmmaking, aimed to equip participants to make a script into a fillm.

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