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(Chanda's Shoes)

FICTION . 22 min . Hindi . 2011 . INDIA

Chanda, the undisputed pithoo champion of her basti, is facing a daunting challenge. She and her best friend, Shameem, have been enrolled in a big school that demands conformity. Chanda is usually ready to take on anything... except for shoes!


Chanda's friends in the basti are worried that she is losing her edge and becoming a meek little mouse in the school's disciplined environment. But Chanda can't let that happen. She'll have to dream up a plan to somehow beat the rules and make a little space for herself in the school's rigid system.


The making of this film is a true testament to the creative spirit and collaborative nature of the filmmaking process. Shot in seven days, the film brings a compelling story to life.


The story of the film is based on a comic strip created by a first-generation school student. It brings in a unique perspective that is authentic and resonant. Many of the actors in the film and members of the crew were working for the first time in a film. The ingenuity and dedication of all the people involved in this process has gone into creating a film that entertains and sheds light on the experiences of those who are often marginalised in our society. The end result is a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of listening to diverse voices in our creative endeavours.

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